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Please click the "FREE IMAGES" link on the nagivation bar to view thumbnails of a selection of images you wish to download.

These can be downloaded and used as you wish. Click on the image you want to download and save it to a folder on your computer. Please feel free to use, improve and play with the images. Let your imagination free to create different applications for the images. If you send us a photograph of your final product we will happily showcase it on our site.

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This is the latest of our disciplines. Design Fumart is still passionately curious about the medium. Man Ray once said that an original work of art is a creation motivated by desire. Our photographic desire is to be honest and experimental. To us photography is the Holy Grail of artistic expression as we are endlessly searching to capture the perfect moment. Our inspiration ranges from the bleak to the theatrical. Keep your eyes open for future photographic showcases on this site.

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Inspiration can come from anywhere as long as we are prepared to be surprised and delighted. Our style is varied and adaptable with an experimental edge to it. We often combine traditional methods with digital techniques.

Please click on the "ILLUSTRATION" link on the nagivation bar to view some examples of our work. We are constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to collaberate with other artists. This keeps our work fresh and expands our boundaries. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us via our contact page or by requesting a quote.